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Improving Patient And Staff Experiences

Skytron LENS is a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) specifically designed to instantly boost productivity, lower equipment costs, and improve workflow. LENS is easy to use and install, providing administrators with real-time, actionable information to improve business processes that impact patient care and operational efficiency. All while limiting staff frustration by seamlessly integrating into daily routines.


Reduce Search Time and Staff Frustration

With the ability to track assets, your staff will save time knowing exactly where to find what they need at any time.

Contain Infectious Outbreaks

Access interaction history between patients, staff and equipment to get ahead of an outbreak before it's too late.

Manage Assets

Improve utilization rates and efficiency with real-time alerting and par level management.


Available Support Services:

Available services include

System design


Battery management

Ongoing network support

Remote monitoring

Data storage

Software support

User training

Regular on-site visits

Recurring business reviews

24/7 emergency technical support



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