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Flex Ultrasonic


Load, Start, Clean, Repeat

The Skytron Flex Ultrasonic Washer was designed with versatility and throughput in mind. This surgical instrument washer-disinfector can process large loads with non-proprietary trays, and run mixed loads of cannulated, non-cannulated, and robotic instruments.


Clean All Ultrasonic Approved Instruments in One Cycle

Versatile design with the ability to irrigate cannulated instruments such as the Da Vinci products and non-cannulated instruments in the same cycle.

Save Time and Money

The Flex Ultrasonic instrument cleaner can wash and disinfect up to 125 pounds of instrumentation using your current ultrasonic trays.

Achieve Optimal Disinfection Standards

The Flex Ultrasonic surgical cleaner only irrigates with fresh water and detergent and drains contaminated water after each cycle.

Skytron Flex

Load. Start. Clean. Repeat.
See how Skytron's Flex Ultrasonic Washer can assist in your surgical instrument cleaning protocol.


Eliminate risks from manual cleaning

Independent lab tested and validated

Irrigates with fresh, clean water and detergent

Meets AAMI ST79 Standards

Cleans more trays in less time with triple the capacity of standard ultrasonic washer-disinfectors

Multi-step cycle cleans and disinfects in less than 40 minutes

Streamlined cleaning process for efficient results

One Skytron Flex is more efficient than multiple ultrasonics and washer-disinfectors

Simplify operation with only two cycles, Cannulated and Non-Cannulated

Innovative technology drives down costs


52" W x 41" D x 42" H

125 lbs Weight Capacity

2,000 watts HF Output Power

40 kHz with a sweep of ± 2 kHz Frequency

480V/3 phase 50A, 60 Hz Washer Supply

48 Watts/Gallon

Critical Water Final Rinse


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